Gatebil, Norge Rudskogen 8.7 - 10.7

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Gatebil, Norge Rudskogen 8.7 - 10.7

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Onkos kukaan muu lähdössä? Perjantai aamulla pitäisi liipaista ulos laivasta Tukholmasta ja lipua kohti eteläisempää Norjaa.
Gatebil at Rudskogen Racetrack – 8-10 July

In the middle of the Norwegian summer, this Festival is our main event. At most more than 45.000 people and 10.000 campers are participating on this event. Car enthusiast from Scandinavia, England and even Japan is attending making this event one of the biggest car festival in Europe! Rudskogen Motorsenter has started building a whole new racetrack witch will be just finish for Gatebil this year. A 4,6 km track with a unique track shape with approval for F1-testing, this course will improve the adventure at Gatebil. Rudskogen is located about 1,5 drive south east of Oslo, nearby the Swedish border.
Map: Rudskogen in Google Map
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