It's fascinating to me

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It's fascinating to me

Viesti Kirjoittaja Smarthuiyuan » To Marras 05, 2020 11:49 am

It's fascinating to me appearing on from the outside, since when you look at all the things CCP have done and also have been talking about throughout the previous year - out of the Blackout that shook up things for EVE Mobile ISK better or worse through the summer, to the drumbeat of player retention throughout the EVE Invasion Tour, the community team today feels poised and prepared to undertake the challenges awaiting them. The hiring of Jessica, for instance, feels like it targets not just a great EVE ambassador, eager to push the sport forward, but also someone who has worked inside her Alliance to assist player retention - some EVE has been struggling with.

"If I may comment about what you were requesting," Kamil noted during our interview,"about hiring and when that was a conscious choice in terms of building the neighborhood team for the future. To some extent, obviously, yes. You know, things were occurring quite quickly last year. I would not say this was planned all along, because clearly those programs have been changing continuously. However, we've been extremely diligent and serious concerning attempting to discover people and characters with particular sets of skills that can assist us compliment one another, as opposed to perhaps with a team of people who shared the very same strengths. Because from my perspective, that may leave us with Buy EVE Echoes ISK a few flaws that could have been difficult to overcome. And even today there are quite likely places that all people may be a tiny bit weaker than others, at least we can leverage our strengths and make sure we work on everything else in precisely the same time."